Triton partners with Panasonic for in-car audio advertising

Panasonic’s Aupeo division announced a partnership with Triton Digital for use of the Tap OnDemand ad platform. Through this deal, Triton’s technology will be used for targeted ad insertion into the personalized audio messages played by the company’s personal radio service in cars. The arrangement will give both car manufacturers and brand partners the opportunity to deliver personalized audio messages to drivers through the OneConnect system. Continue Reading

Triton Digital launches Triton Advertising Platform, combining inventory management with audience data

Triton Digital today announced a new and proprietory ad management program whose key features are inventory manasgement matched to audience data. Called the Triton Advertising Platform (Tap), the product monetizes streams in two flavors: traditional linear streams of broadcasters (“Tap Live”) and pureplay audio publishers (Tap OnDemand). Better audience targeting is a clear emphasis. Continue Reading