Triton Digital launches Triton Advertising Platform, combining inventory management with audience data

TritonDigital14Triton Digital today announced a new and proprietory ad management program whose key features are inventory management matched to audience data. Called the Triton Advertising Platform (Tap), the product monetizes streams in two flavors: traditional linear streams of broadcasters (“Tap Live”) and pureplay audio publishers (Tap OnDemand).

Triton is already providing Tap to a portfolio of customers, including Cumulus, CBS Radio, Rdio, and RadioIO. CBS Radio exec Ezra Kucharz noted that Triton’s new platform “has already delivered excellent results.”

The Cumulus radio group and the Rdio on-demand music service are partnered in an equity arrangement that includes leveraging the Cumulus sales force to sell Rdio inventory, so it’s natural that both entities would coordinate in the implementation of Tap. Marc Ruxin, COO of Rdio, said that Tap “is helping us deliver smarter impressions to our customers.”

High-quality targeting is a clear emphasis in the marketing of Triton Advertising Platform. “Our new Tap solution takes inventory forecasting and targeted delivery to another level, making it smarter and more accurate,” said Benjamin Masse, SVP & GM of Advertising at Triton. “With Tap, both live streaming and ‘on demand’ publishers can be confident that their marketing partners’ digital audio campaigns are reaching the intended audience, making non-targeted or poorly targeted impressions a concern of the past.”

Brad Hill