Quick Hits: Canadian streaming guide; Katz and Radio One; Sonos

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

Guide to Canadian streaming services: This interesting overview from Geeks & Beats reveals not only music service currently operating in Canada, but also major platforms that don’t, with the latest info on when they might. Summaries of features and costs are included. It’s a handy guide. [Geeks & Beats]

Katz and Radio One extend ad-rep deal: Katz Radio Group will continue representing national sales for Radio One’s 56 stations. The extension continues a pact that would have expired this month. [All Access]

Sonos burns down the Bridge: WiFi speaker maker sonos releassed a new version of its iconic and market-leading home wireless speaker system. the new product connects directly to home WiFi. Not a breakthrough on the order of a Mars landing, but previous versions forced users to implement a component called the Bridge, which established a mini-WiFi network just for the Sonos speakers. The purpose? Keeping the music stream synchronized in a multiple-room setup. That’s an important function, and the buzz among existing customers is that the Bridge is worth the hassle of setup. But a Bridgeless setup will certain be easier, and probably effective, for one-room situations, and instances where multiple rooms are sonically separated. [re/code]

Brad Hill