Car adoption of digital radio continues to grow in Europe

dab+Several European nations have reported developments in adoption of DAB and DAB+ in cars. Growing percentages of new car models come equipped with digital radio receivers across Europe. For the UK, the proportion is 77%, while Switzerland has 65% and Norway has 63%. Each of those countries was recognized as a leader in the digital transition in the European Broadcasting Union’s recent report.

Other nations, such as the Netherlands, are still making progress in the adoption. More than 16% of new cars in that country came with a digital receiver, up from about 6% in 2014 and 3% in 2013.

Last month, WorldDAB announced the creation of a group focused on improving the in-car DAB user experience. “As we’re growing the proportion of new cars with DAB/DAB+ we’re getting more feedback from listeners on their experience,” said Laurence Harrison, head of the committee.

Anna Washenko