New report consolidates digital radio updates across 21 European countries

EBU digital radio market report 2016The European Broadcasting Union released a report on digital radio. The publication analyzes the current status in rolling out the radio technology in Europe. It noted an expansion in the availability of both regional and local digital radio services as a positive step. With French and Italian regulators working on digital radio licensing plans as broadcasters find ways to shift their focus, the report paints a picture of a continent making strides forward into adoption of new technology.

Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, and the UK were highlighted as leaders in the digital transition. Each of the countries reported at least 96% technical coverage and support both DAB and DAB+ technology. The report also broke down nations that are embracing the digital radio tech (Germany, Malta, the Netherlands) from those that are newbies and those that are in “wait-and-see” mode.

The report closes with predictions for the future. The EBU anticipates an expansion for local digital radio, smarter radio technology, greater presence and importance in cars, and increased pushes toward voluntary transitions. It also called out potential issues in making a smooth transition; those concerns include risks for public broadcasters, difficulties in collaboration, and lack of political support for the efforts.

Anna Washenko

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