Ford/Toyota try to slow Apple/Android takeover of digital dashboards

Ford and Toyota have formed the SmartDeviceLink Consortium, an alliance of car companies and software developers intended to create alternatives to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the leading suppliers of smartphone integration in dashboards. The effort hopes to bring some oxygen into a closed duopoly governed by the world’s two leading operating systems. Continue Reading

Toyota joins Ford’s open-source dashboard system for “just works” in-car listening

Toyota announced that it was joining Ford’s SDL project, an open-source solution to connecting mobile apps to digital dashboards. The initiative counters the closed systems from Google and Apple. We spoke to Scott Burnell, Global Lead of Business Development and Partner Management at Ford, for context around this announcement. Continue Reading


Editor’s Notebook: From digital dashboard to self-driving cars

by Brad Hill

The digital dashboard is a gold-rush scramble for territory. But what if there were no dashboard at all? Autonomous (self-driving) cars are rolling toward us, and will be on the road sooner or later. How will audio competition be shaped when the car is a WiFi-connected living room? Continue Reading

Radio Disney integrates with Ford digital dashboard

Radio Disney has taken another step in the digitization of its programming, integrating Ford’s AppLink code in its mobile app. The result is integration with Ford’s SYNC dashboard, which gives drivers easy control of the app without touching the mobile device. As with other SYNC-enabled apps, Radio Disney’s product will be automatically located by the Ford system when the driver plugs the smartphone into the dashboard. Continue Reading

Ford plans to replace MyFord Touch with Sync 3 for in-car listening

Ford announced that it is replacing the MyFord Touch digital dashboard with a new system called Sync 3. Based on Sync AppLink, the new connected car platform is expected to first appear in 2015 Fords and Lincolns. Sync has defined Ford’s “plug-and-play in-car audio strategy, but the automaker also supports dashboard operating systems developed by Google and Apple. Continue Reading


Ford seeks to dismiss music industry lawsuit

The music industry entered a new automotive battleground. The Alliance of Artists and Recording Companies filed a lawsuit against several car companies, including General Motors and Ford Motor Company, seeking damages for vehicles equipped with what it believes are digital audio recording devices. Ford has filed a motion to dismiss the case. The argument hinges on a key definition. Continue Reading