Ford plans to replace MyFord Touch with Sync 3 for in-car listening

ford sync logo

Ford announced that it is replacing the MyFord Touch digital dashboard with a new system called Sync 3. Based on Sync AppLink, the new connected car platform is expected to first appear in 2015 Fords and Lincolns. Use of the MyFord Touch is slated to be completely phased out of use in 2016, GigaOm reported.

MyFord Touch was the infotainment system used in Ford’s upscale car models. The touchscreen platform was not as well received as AppLink, which Ford used in the lower-end models enabled with the Sync voice command system. MyFord didn’t support third-party music streaming apps. The Sync platform hooks into AppLink, which an app enhancement enabled when the phone is plugged into the dashboard. Sync’s control of streaming apps enables safety controls so drivers don’t dangerously fiddle with their phones while listening to music on the road.

The Sync-enabled plug-and-play dashboard strategy has defined Ford’s approach to in-car listening to Internet sources. At the same time, ford supports built-in dashboard operating systems developed by Google and Apple — what Scott Lyons, Ford head of business development and connected services in Europe, told RAIN News is the “and strategy.”

Sync 3 will be the higher-end option for Ford and Lincoln cars. It will have the same features as the Sync AppLink system, including support for apps such as Pandora and Spotify.

RAIN News Staff