GM to reject “phone projected” audio; will develop in-car subscription platforms

General Motors has announced a plan to thwart in-car audio generated from connected personal phones, in the company’s electric vehicles. In place of that common type of listening, the car manufacturer will develop its own platform of audio and navigation. With this change, GM aspires to provide its own subscription revenue, potentially reaching $25-billion by 2030. Continue Reading


GM pulls (a few) podcasts into its in-car audio suite

General Motors is reportedly adding podcasts to the dashboard of about one-million cars. Only a handful of podcasts will be included in a proprietary selection. The most interesting aspect of this venture is GM’s recognition of podcasting as a worthy audio category around which to build business relationships and proprietary distribution products. Continue Reading


GM and AT&T plan starts new era of in-car WiFi, could accelerate challenge to radio

GM and AT&T have partnered to provide in-car WiFi across the GM model line of cars equipped with OnStar 4G LTE WiFi hotspot technology. The headline is the price: $20 a month for unlimited data. That dollar number is a milestone that could accelerate the challenge faced by terrestrial radio in connected cars. Continue Reading


Ford seeks to dismiss music industry lawsuit

The music industry entered a new automotive battleground. The Alliance of Artists and Recording Companies filed a lawsuit against several car companies, including General Motors and Ford Motor Company, seeking damages for vehicles equipped with what it believes are digital audio recording devices. Ford has filed a motion to dismiss the case. The argument hinges on a key definition. Continue Reading