GM and AT&T plan starts new era of in-car WiFi, could accelerate challenge to radio

GM and AT&T have partnered to provide in-car WiFi across the GM model line of cars equipped with OnStar 4G LTE WiFi hotspot technology. The headline is the price: $20 a month for unlimited data. That dollar number is a milestone that could accelerate the challenge faced by terrestrial radio in connected cars. Continue Reading


AT&T moves toward FM reception in its smartphones

In an unexpected announcement by NextRadio that will be greeted warmly by all advocates of FM reception in smartphones, AT&T has added FM chip activation to the specification list that it gives OEM phone makers. This development carries a hopeful message to Emmis-owned NextRadio, and the stations which participate in that app. Continue Reading


AT&T connected-car dashboard, a new entrant to a crowded space

AT&T has thrown its hat into the auto technology ring with the announcement of its own connected car platform. AT&T Drive is designed to be a modular solution where car manufacturers can pick and choose the features they want. HQ’d in a 5,000-square-foot research center, AT&T Drive joins Google, Apple. Microsoft, and QNX in a crowded space. Continue Reading


AT&T no longer selling Beats Music subscriptions

Demonstrating how blockbuster business deals can quickly change, AT&T has stopped offering new Beats Music subscriptions to its customers. Existing Beats subscriptions that were launched within the AT&T phone plans will continue unaffected. What directional guidance does this news offer on the question of how Apple will incorporate Beats Music? Continue Reading


Study from AT&T/Ericsson finds global buyers want connected cars

AT&T’s Drive Studio and Ericsson released a study that found that connected car services were of high importance for prospective auto buyers. The survey targeted customers who were likely to buy a car within the next five years, and the respondents were located in the U.S., Germany, Brazil, Japan, and China. The results showed that half of all those surveyed would switch car brands to get connected car services, and 72% would delay their purchase by a year in order to get those services from their preferred brand. Continue Reading


Beats Music swallows high fees to streamline subscriptions

Beats Music is reportedly signing up subscribers at a slower pace than hoped. Beats is taking one costly step to streamline the sign-up process: the service now allows users to sign up within the iPhone and iPad apps. By acceding to Apple’s business structure, Beats Music appears willing to swallow a 30% reduction in some of its subscription revenue. Continue Reading