With Spotify’s recent raise, major music services are settled at $10.99 subscription level

Spotify made news during its Q2 earnings report (See RAIN HERE and HERE) for raising its monthly Spotify Premium subscription rate from $9.99 to $10.99. Investor reaction, as a whole, could be characterized as “It’s about time.” Our survey of current music subscription pricing does support some investor impatience with Spotify, with six competing services having already boosted to that level.
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Rumor Fact(ory): Jack Dorsey’s Square mulls Tidal acquisition

Talk about diversifying. In the most startling rumor of a streaming music acquisition, merchant payment enabler Square is reportedly considering an acquisition of HiRez, musician-owned Tidal.┬áThis Rumor Fact(ory) is based on the usual “unnamed sources” who spoke with Bloomberg. Click through for more context on Dorsey and Tidal. Continue Reading

Billboard honors streaming, radio executives with Digital Power Players list

Billboard released its annual list of digital power players, a collection of the business leaders who are driving segments such as streaming and radio. Both industries had notable figures from businesses around the world, as well as from leading brands. Continue Reading

Tidal involved in Norwegian investigation into possible manipulated streaming data

Tidal is back in headlines with questions about the accuracy of its internal stream counts, but the story is gnarlier than it appears. The Norwegian Authority for Investigation of Economic and Environmental Crime (Okokrim) has reportedly launched an investigation after receiving allegations from domestic artist associations about potential loss of income due to manipulation of streaming data, according to Bloomberg Quint. Tidal appears to be involved, but is reportedly not under investigation. Continue Reading