Twitter’s Periscope app adds audio-only live broadcasting

Twitter’s video livestreaming app Periscope has launched an audio-only option. The service is a mobile app that allows anyone to record and broadcast live video and interact with viewers through a chat system. Now it also includes the option to exclude the video component from broadcasts on the iOS versions of both Periscope and Twitter. Continue Reading


Rdio announces multiple new features at SXSW

Rdio announced several new features to its online listening platform at SXSW. Many of them are centered around interpersonal activity. First, the iOS version has revamped its sharing interface. Second, after someone has shared a song, the recipient can reply to the sender and have a conversation. The final new conversation feature better loops in social media for interacting with artists. Continue Reading


Bop.fm provides listening on Billboard + Twitter charts

We at RAIN wrote about the rise of platform-agnostic listening services last month, and today we’ve learned about a new use for them. Bop.fm has signed a deal with Billboard and Twitter to power integrate streaming into the companies’ real-time music charts. Since the Billboard + Twitter Real Time Charts often include tracks that aren’t part of a formal album release – they are more often covers or live performances – they aren’t as easy to find on a single listening platform. Continue Reading