Deezer now available in Twitter Audio Cards

Deezer logo July 2016Deezer has entered a partnership with Twitter, meaning the streaming platform’s tracks can now be played in tweets. The deal capitalizes on Twitter’s Audio Cards, a product for audio embeds on the social network. The feature, which allows song listening without leaving the social app, is available to Twitter’s mobile users on iOS and Android.

“Given that music and social media remain an increasingly important part of people’s lives, it’s important that we continue to create opportunities where they can access both their favorite tracks and new music,” said Golan Shaked, Deezer’s Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer. “This is just one of the many ways that we are enabling this.”

Other streaming services – including Spotify and SoundCloud – have looped in Audio Card support. Twitter also made an investment of about $70 million into the SoundCloud platform this summer. The company has toyed with various musical integrations in the past, but few projects ended up having much longevity.

Anna Washenko