Social audio: Twitter and Clubhouse both tentatively expand their products

From the bustling realm of social audio, which is undergoing feverish development on several fronts, comes news of tentative expansion from Twitter and the marquee leader in the space, Clubhouse.

Twitter’s product, Twitter Spaces, has been in testing mode across a narrow footprint. Some percentage of users with a minimum of 600 followers have been able to test the virtual environment. The company describes the feature this way: “Twitter Spaces is where live audio conversations happen.” A bit solipsistic, perhaps, but certainly true within Twitter. The expansion is this: Now every account with 600+ followers can test Twitter Spaces. (We have two such accounts, and do not see Spaces available.)

Twitter says that it is testing a ticketing component in Spaces. Also co-hosting a Spaces event.

From Clubhouse comes news that the company is (finally) testing an Android app which will eventually be added to the currently iOS-only experience. We agree that it doesn’t make sense to exclude over 80% of the global smartphone market when Twitter, Facebook, and others are aiming their big guns at you.


Brad Hill