RAIN Notes: Tuesday, May 4

Jottings of note:

Voluminous Podcaster Tips

An epic Twitter thread by Alban Brooke, Head of Marketing at Buzzsprout, has dozens of productive tips for podcasters. He promises to post a tip for each like on his initial tweet. It is turning into a book of helpful tips. READ 


Those Data Pyramids

Jacobs Media is presenting the annual Techsurvey, which measures listening trends and habits of listeners to 470 radio stations. Always interesting. And free. It’s Thursday, May 6, 2pmET. Register HERE.


Planning Podcast Promotion

The Ultimate Podcast Growth Playbook from Chartable — it’s a blog post, not a downloaded deck — contains a wealth of info about how to budget, buy, and evaluate purchasing promotion for a podcast. Illuminating numbers. READ 


— Tuesday, May 4

Brad Hill