Rdio announces multiple new features at SXSW

Rdio announced several new features to its online listening platform at SXSW. Many of them are centered around interpersonal activity. First, the iOS version has revamped its sharing interface. Second, after someone has shared a song, the recipient can reply to the sender and have a conversation. The final new conversation feature better loops in social media for interacting with artists. Continue Reading

Bop.fm provides listening on Billboard + Twitter charts

We at RAIN wrote about the rise of platform-agnostic listening services last month, and today we’ve learned about a new use for them. Bop.fm has signed a deal with Billboard and Twitter to power integrate streaming into the companies’ real-time music charts. Since the Billboard + Twitter Real Time Charts often include tracks that aren’t part of a formal album release – they are more often covers or live performances – they aren’t as easy to find on a single listening platform. Continue Reading

Twitter’s new Audio Card launches with any SoundCloud embed and one iTunes track

Twitter has introduced a musical new feature called the Audio Card that allows its members to embed a track in a tweet. The social network is first working with SoundCloud on the launch of the feature, and the streaming platform’s entire library will be made available for embeds. A select number of partner artists are rolling out the feature today, and the social network said that its @TwitterMusic handle would announce updates about the people and organizations using the Audio Card. Continue Reading

Twitter reportedly considers buying SoundCloud [UPDATE: Deal off]

As the supposed Apple acquisition of Beats Electronics is taking longer than expected, the industry needed a fresh rumor to chew on. Here it is: Twitter might buy SoundCloud. It’s natural that SoundCloud would seek major partnership — and, at the same time, provide a profitable exit for its investors. The acquisition would leverage a couple of intersecting values and needs Continue Reading