Apple officially ends the iTunes era with rollout of new Mac operating system

Since its debut, the iTunes platform has been synonymous with the music industry’s adaptation to a digital world. This week,¬†Apple has rolled out its new operating system for Mac computers, Catalina, and with it, the company marks the end of its iTunes era, reflecting the entertainment business’ shift to streaming models that offer access rather than ownership. Continue Reading

Apple seeking lower revenue share payouts to labels

Apple is reportedly looking to renegotiate its deals with record labels in a move that could reduce the share of revenue it needs to pay out to those industry players. Unnamed sources told Bloomberg that the talks cover both Apple Music and iTunes. The current deals are slated to expire in June, but could be extended if new terms are not reached, according to the sources. Continue Reading

Panoply adds WBUR & BuzzFeed to Megaphone podcast platform; releases Megalink

Slate-owned podcast network Panoply notified us of a few developments related to its Megaphone podcast content management platform. New high-profile publishers have joined Megaphone, and a new product called Megalink offers a user-friendly subscription process that also gives producers more intelligence about listeners. Continue Reading


After The Download: When Apple Turns Off The iTunes Store

Guest columnist Mark Mulligan projects the pace of disruption as consumers fade back from purchasing music downloads. “When new formats race to the fore it is easy to make the mistake of taking an eye off the legacy formats. This is risky because they usually still account for very large portions of existing revenue.” But a “download collapse” will happen to the iTunes Music Store. Continue Reading

Spotify videos and podcasts arrive, competing with YouTube and iTunes

Last week we reported that Spotify’s long-awaited video content, first announced last May, would finally appear in its mobile apps. Yesterday we were pleased to find a portfolio of video programming, plus audio podcasts, in a freshly updated Android app. Podcast listening in Spotify is a good experience, possibly a game-changer. Continue Reading

The Download on Podcasts: Radio, podcasts, and personalization

The Download on Podcasts is a weekly feature sponsored by PodcastOne.

In the space of two weeks, Midroll Media was wholly acquired by the venerable media company E.W. Scripps, and PodcastOne (sponsor of this weekly column) was partially acquired by Hubbard Radio, which bought into a 30% equity stake and collaborative partnership. Personalization is the hinge between radio and podcasting.

Continue Reading