With Spotify’s recent raise, major music services are settled at $10.99 subscription level

Spotify made news during its Q2 earnings report (See RAIN HERE and HERE) for raising its monthly Spotify Premium subscription rate from $9.99 to $10.99. Investor reaction, as a whole, could be characterized as “It’s about time.”

Our survey of current music subscription pricing does support some investor impatience with Spotify, with major music services having already boosted to that level. See below:

YouTube Music: $10.99 (+$1.00 in July)

Spotify: $10.99 (+$1.00 in July)

Amazon Music: $9.99 with Prime, $10.99 no Prime (+ $1.00 in April)

Apple Music: $10.99 (+$1.00 in October)

Deezer: $10.99

Pandora: $4.99 (Plus) / $9.99 (Premium)

Tidal: $10.99  (HiFi) / $19.99 (HiFi Plus)

SoundCloud: $4.99 (SoundCloud Go) / $9.99 (SoundCloud Go Plus)

Brad Hill