RAIN Notes: Thursday, August 17

Jottings of note:



Two data companies — audio monetization firm Sonnant and indexing firm Podcast Db — have partnered to create what they are calling a “first of its kind podcast directory for advertisers.” Sonnant CEO Tony Simmons says that brands want to spend money on podcasting, “but big shows are sold out, or too expensive, smaller shows (or the long tail) are too abundant and hard to strike deals with each show.” He says the new alliance will provide advertisers of all sizes “a seat at the table.” READ


Mind Reading

Can AI participate in the music business? (Yes.) And does that participation imply copyright complications? Yes, and never more weirdly than in a science experiment in which an artificial intelligence was trained to understand links between brain activity and musical components. The result is an AI-produced song clip created by measuring the brainwaves of a person listening to the song. READ and LISTEN



Venerable webcast music station InternetFM.com launched version 3.0 of its player app, available on Android, iOS, and web. The station’s promo pitch is “The broadcast music experience that recalls the best aspects of progressive radio of the sixties and seventies.” The newest release includes chat functions and custom interfaces (skins, in the grand Winamp tradition). A payment plan offers monthly ($4.99) and annual ($49.99) subscriptions which unlocks the new features plus 18 stations. InternetFM was founded by Steven Leventhal and Eric Leventhal. LISTEN

August 17, 2023

Brad Hill