Infinite Dial Canada 2018: Google leads for smart speakers

The Infinite Dial Canada looked at the uptake of smart speakers in the country, as well as pointing out some unique trends compared with the southern neighbors. In Canada, smart speaker ownership is 8% of the adult population. People aged 35-54 were most likely to own smart speakers at 11%, followed by ages 18-34 at 10%. Continue Reading

Infinite Dial Canada 2018: Podcasting has a firm base in Canada favoring at-home listening

Podcasting has built a solid following in Canada, and listenership is keeping pace with the format’s progress in the United States. The Infinite Dial Canada found that 61% of Canadian adults are familiar with podcasting, tracking even with 64% familiarity reported in the U.S. survey. Continue Reading

Infinite Dial 2018: Smart speaker ownership nearly tripled in the past year

The Infinite Dial kicked off with a look at ownership trends in technology and media. Most telling, the research from Edison and Triton focused on the growth in smart speakers. Awareness of the device segment was 71% for Amazon Alexa, up from 57% last year, while Google Home awareness rose from 45% in 2017 to 56% in 2018. Considering the recent ad blitzes for the segment, John Rosso joked that those who haven’t heard of them are “probably living in caves and staring at their tablets.” Continue Reading

Infinite Dial 2018: Monthly and weekly online audio listening reach new highs

The Infinite Dial 2018 shows steady growth in online audio. The latest installment of the research project found that 64% of survey respondents, or an estimated 180 million people, listened to online audio in the past month. Weekly online audio listening has risen at an even more dramatic clip. Continue Reading

Infinite Dial 2018: Pandora tops the audio brand charts

Pandora continues to top the awareness of audio brands in the Infinite Dial 2018. The audio company had 85% awareness among the respondents. iHeartRadio rated second in awareness at 67%, followed by Spotify at 65%. Both Apple Music and Amazon Music clocked in with 60%. Continue Reading

The Infinite Dial study will now have a report focused on Canada’s digital media trends

Triton Digital and Edison Research announced that they will expand their Infinite Dial study to cover Canada. The research will offer a comprehensive view of Canadian digital media consumption, covering topics including digital audio, podcasts, and smart speakers. The inaugural Infinite Dial Canada study results will be unveiled on April 4. Continue Reading

Larry Rosin: The Little Machines that Built Pandora

by Larry Rosin

Our Infinite Dial studies have been tracking usage of online radio since 1998, and we have asked about ‘monthly usage’ since 2000. In a recent meeting I made the comment that if one superimposes the graph showing growth of smartphone ownership over the monthly online radio usage one can see a strong correlation. Continue Reading

Larry Rosin: Room for Tidal? What’s one more online audio brand?

by Larry Rosin

In The Infinite Dial 2015 Edison Research tested consumer awareness of 17 different streaming audio brands. Tidal wasn’t among them, but the re-launched service is in the news now. Is there room for a newcomer in the crowded music-service field? Continue Reading