Larry Rosin: Rise of Smart Audio

by Larry Rosin

Guest columnist Larry Rosin announces a new research project: The Smart Audio Report from NPR and Edison Research, which will debut at the RAIN Podcast Business Summit next week, June 21 at the AXA Auditorium in Manhattan. The half-day 9am-1pm event will feature Edison Research VP Tom Webster presenting never-before-seen survey data and video. Continue Reading


The smartphone shift and what it means for radio

The smartphone is one of the most influential consumer electronics categories of the last 20 years. It certainly influences how Americans listen to radio and internet-delivered audio. At RAIN Summit West, Edison Research President Larry Rosin brought new metrics about smartphone listening from Edison’s ongoing Share of Ear and Infinite Dial consumer surveys. A shift is underway, too dramatic to disregard. Continue Reading

Share of Ear: 18-24s Cross the Threshold

by Larry Rosin

The combination of sample size and tracking in the Share of Ear surveys, produced by Edison Research, show changes in audio consumption as they happen. In this guest column originally published on his Infinite Dial blog, Edison President Larry Rosin notes a milestone: young Millennials have crossed a meaningful threshold, now spending more time with streaming than with AM/FM radio. Continue Reading


Larry Rosin: Where Americans Go to Discover Music (and Where They Go to Learn What the ‘Hits’ Are)

by Larry Rosin

How do people discover music? Since 2002, radio’s role as the first source of discovery has plummeted while the Internet has risen. In this guest column, Larry Rosin explains another way to see radio’s ongoing importance as a hitmaker. Continue Reading

Larry Rosin: The Little Machines that Built Pandora

by Larry Rosin

Our Infinite Dial studies have been tracking usage of online radio since 1998, and we have asked about ‘monthly usage’ since 2000. In a recent meeting I made the comment that if one superimposes the graph showing growth of smartphone ownership over the monthly online radio usage one can see a strong correlation. Continue Reading

Larry Rosin: Room for Tidal? What’s one more online audio brand?

by Larry Rosin

In The Infinite Dial 2015 Edison Research tested consumer awareness of 17 different streaming audio brands. Tidal wasn’t among them, but the re-launched service is in the news now. Is there room for a newcomer in the crowded music-service field? Continue Reading