Infinite Dial Canada 2018: Radio leads for car listening

Radio is the top choice for Canadians’ in-care listening, according to the Infinite Dial Canada report. When asked about what audio sources they ever use behind the wheel, AM/FM took an 83% share. CD players came in a distant second with 49%, followed by owned digital music at 40%. Podcasts took 22% of the answers.

Radio also took the lion’s share of responses for the most commonly used in-car audio at 63%. CDs and owned music were lumped into a single category that secured 22% of the responses. The remaining options — including podcasts, satellite radio, and online audio — all had under 10% shares.

The results for most often used audio in Canada makes for an interesting comparison with the results for the United States. Radio still had just over half of the responses, but the other audio options had a more equitable distribution compared with Canada, which more prominently favored AM/FM, then various forms of an owned music library.

Anna Washenko