Webcast listening in June; +10% year-over-year (Webcast Metrics)

Positioning of the leaders remained the same in June stream listening, according to the just-released report from Triton Digital’s Webcast Metrics Ranker, a comparison of stream listening volume among Triton’s top 20 clients. The group as a whole lost 4% in overall listening compared to May. Continue Reading


Webcast listening up in May; +13% year-over-year

Spotify held its slight lead over Pandora in March stream listening, an advantage established in January after three years of chasing. Aside from that metrics rivalry, the Top 20 group in Triton Digital’s Webcast Metrics report gained one percent in overall listening compared to February. PLUS — a little bit of smart speaker reporting. Continue Reading


Pandora unveils three new ad options for improved targeting and brand storytelling at scale

Pandora has announced three new digital audio ad capabilities that are designed to allow a greater degree of personalization for advertisers. The new formats are Dynamic Audio, Sequential Audio, and Shorter Form Audio. Pandora has worked with Veritonic to run some early tests on how these options can impact listener behavior and drive results for brands. Continue Reading