Commercial or branded podcast? Dove and Pandora create a new thing

We got word that Dove was advertising on Pandora in an unusual way that seems to interestingly straddle categories. The bath care company (that’s Dove, not Pandora) worked with Studio Resonate, a division of Pandora that self-describes as “An audio-first creative consultancy […] at the crossroads of creative and data, science and sound.” The outcome is something between a music track and a podcast episode. Continue Reading

Pandora releases playlists to illustrate a connection of sound and color

In what should be a treat for synesthetes, Pandora has released seven interesting playlists intended to demonstrate a relationship between sound and color. Unsurprisingly to those who know of his work, Steve Keller (Sonic Strategy Director at Pandora) is involved¬† in the project and authored an explanatory blog post.¬†Keller invokes Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky, who asserted that music and color could not be separated. Keller’s thesis is that Kandinsky wasn’t being metaphoric — there is a scientific basis to tyiong together these two sensual perceptions. Click through for a link to the playlists. Continue Reading

RAIN Summit speaker Steve Keller wins iHeartMedia, heads to Berlin (…after RAIN Summit)

We are delighted to share news sent to us from iHeartMedia: Steve Keller, CEO of iV, has been awarded the iHeartMedia Scholarship for Leadership in Audio Innovation, a program conducted with the Berlin School of Creative Leadership. RAIN News readers have a chance to meet Steve Keller next Tuesday at RAIN Online Audio Advertising Summit, where Keller is showing his work. Continue Reading