After a year of development, Pandora launches Dynamic Audio ads

When Pandora announced the Dynamic Audio ad product last February, the idea was to create a targeting technology that could personalize audio marketing to the listener to an unusually individual degree. The launch partner for that development venture was British ad company A Million Ads. Now, the two companies are starting to roll out the result of that work, on a testing basis with two advertisers. Continue Reading


Pandora announces layoffs, restructuring, and expansion of Atlanta office

In what Pandora calls a “redesign,” the company has announced a company reorganization that includes layoffs, a remapping of its key initiatives, and prioritization of its Atlanta office for growth even as its official HQ remains in Oakland. The staff reduction will affect 5% of Pandora’s workforce. At the same time, the company plans to hire for its new initiatives in the less expensive, talent-rich Atlanta market. Continue Reading


CRB rate increase: not necessarily 44% (a look at Pandora)

As the new Copyright Royalty Board rate ruling sinks in today, we look at how it might affect Pandora. Using the company’s 2017 Annual Report and financials from the most recent earnings report, it becomes clear that the new rates will not apply to most of Pandora’s royalty cost, and that the simple 44% CRB rate hike is actually more complicated … and lower. Continue Reading


Pandora CEO wants to add “podcast genome project”

Pandora is making plans to broaden its podcast offerings. CEO Roger Lynch spoke with Variety during CES and said his goal is to create “the equivalent of the podcast genome project.” Lynch said the company is working on a system that would allow listeners to browse and discover new shows on Pandora. The move isn’t unprecedented, but there are some questions. Continue Reading