Pandora is part of SiriusXM’s NFL 2020 coverage plan, and sponsor pitch

Sirius XM is sending around PR about its coverage of the upcoming NFL season which starts on September 10. Every game will be broadcast by the satellite provider, unsurprisingly, and there is a raft of 24/7 supplementary coverage — in-depth talk for fans — on the NFL Radio channel.

SXM subsidiary Pandora is edging into the action as well, presenting “game-time music programming.” The cross-platform initiative is being publicized as a pitch to sponsors which can potentially reach over 100-million listeners per month. 

Pandora also seems to be getting involved in streaming some of the talk content and game analysis originating on Sirius, as described here: “Expert analysis from Fantasy Sports Radio on SiriusXM, playlists curated by NFL stars like Todd Gurley and Odell Beckham, Jr. on Pandora, and game-day themed stations on Pandora.”

The announcement links to research from Nielsen, documenting that sports fans are highly engaged. (We note that research is mainly about TV viewing, not audio.)

Our main observation here is the cross-channel work being manufactured by the SiriusXM/Pandora cohabitation, a hallmark of the acquisition from the start.

Brad Hill