Nielsen brings Music Connect to Canada; will it shake up radio?

Nielsen has launched its Music Connect data product in Canada. This rollout offers clients more in-depth listener data, including for streaming and broadcasting. It covers 72 metropolitan areas across Canada, and has analytics including airplay, sales, and social media activity. According to Canadian music industry specialist Alan Cross, it could “shake up” what listeners hear on Canadian Radio. Continue Reading


SoundCloud Go arrives in Canada with Triton Digital supplying ad monetization

SoundCloud shared two big business announcements today. First, it has rolled out the SoundCloud Go subscription in Canada. Second, it has entered a deal with Triton Digital to use its a2x programmatic ad exchange for monetization of its audio inventory in the new market. Continue Reading


Canadian podcast listenership among drivers growing gradually

A new survey reveals that Canadian podcast listening in cars has continued to rise. The results showed notably more podcast consumption among the 18-34 age group at 17%, compared with 8% for ages 35-54 and just 2% for the over 55 group. It was also most popular among university graduates compared with other education levels. Continue Reading