Survey: Smart speaker ownership spikes in Canada

The Consumer Technology Association conducted a survey of Canadians’ technology ownership. While products such as televisions, smartphones, and laptops demonstrated near-ubiquity, smart speakers did show promising signs in the market.

The survey found that 93% of Canadian households own a television, while 86% own a smartphone, and 75% own a notebook, laptop, or netbook. Smart speakers were the fastest-growing segment for Canada, with ownership rising 12 percentage points from 2017. The results showed that 15% of Canadian households now own the devices.

“Canadian shoppers are excited to get the technology that’s essential to their everyday lives – ‘hub devices’ from smartphones to computers to smart TVs that serve as anchor points for our connected, digital lives,” said Steve Koenig, CTA’s vice president of market research. “Our purchase intent data shows Canadians very much plan to stay up-to-date on tech and take advantage of the latest innovations available.”

This survey showed even better results for smart speakers in the country than the Infinite Dial Canada report, which pegged ownership at just 8%. That report also noted a better brand awareness among Canadians for the Google Home line than for Amazon Alexa.

Anna Washenko