Wrapify and CBS Radio: Not exactly digital, or streaming, but definitely alternative

wrapify car canvas

CBS is partnering with Wrapify, the San Diego-based startup (founded in 2015) which wraps selected American cars with advertising, and shares revenue with the car owner. think of it as Uber without passengers. CBS Radio will use the alliance to drive revenue in the D.C. Metro market. Continue Reading


Playing music leads consumer satisfaction with voice-activated devices

VoiceLabs voice assistant survey canvas

A new report from VoiceLabs examines the burgeoning market of voice-activated personal assistants. With the pushes by so many tech companies – such as Amazon, Google, and Sonos – into this space, what are device owners actually using them for? VoiceLabs’ used its Voice Experience Analytics service to give some answers to that question. Continue Reading


Infinite Dial date is announced: March 9

infinite dial logo 2017 canvas

Edison Research and Triton Digital, co-producers of The Infinite Dial, have announced the date of this year’s webinar release: It is March 9 at 2:00pm EST. The broad and detailed survey of American listening behavior has been conducted annually since 1998, producing long-running trend indicators, and is widely considered to be an authoritative snapshot of how and where Americans listen to audio. Continue Reading


NAB’s post-Norway promise to FM in the U.S.: “A thousand times No”

As we reported, Norway has started turning off its nationally operated FM transmitters and switching radio stations across the country over to DAB digital. In an era when first-movers signal future mainstream, it’s natural for U.S. broadcasters to get the shivers. The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) addressed the matter head on. Continue Reading