Triton Digital announces integration with Amazon Publisher Service; expansion for both services

Triton Digital is taking advantage of this week’s CES electronics trade show to announce the integration of its advertising marketplace with Amazon Publisher Services (APS). The union expands Triton’s audio ad inventory to existing APS publishers, as Triton’s Audio Marketplace (which delivers over 100-billion impressions per month) is added to the APs customer base.

On the other side of the match, Amazon’s unique ad format, interactive audio ads, will deliver that unique ad format to Triton Digital’s clients. Interactive audio ads are a creative ad format developed by Amazon Ads that invites customers to request more information via email or push notification (“Alexa, send more info”), set reminders (“Alexa, remind me”), or even add items to their Amazon shopping cart (“Alexa, add to cart”), without ever leaving the streaming audio content they were enjoying.

The interactive aspect is important to Triton, which quotes survey results from a study conducted by Amazon Ads and Kantar, in which audio streamers were 75% more likely to respond to an ad when the ad has a voice-command.

“We’re excited for publishers that use Triton Digital and APS to make their quality content more easily available to advertisers using Amazon DSP,” said Steve Rabuchin, VP of Third-Party Supply at Amazon Ads. “We look forward to learning more about how audiences engage with interactive audio ads, which will enable listeners to respond to advertisements without being distracted from the stream.”

Brad Hill