AdsWizz launches new PodScribe tool for contextual ad targeting in podcasts

AdsWizz, a specialist in digital audio advertising technology, announced a new feature called PodScribe that offers scalable, contextual ad targeting in podcasts. PodScribe is built on advanced speech-to-text transcription technology, which lets advertisers target by the keywords, concepts, topics, and interests that appear in a show. Continue Reading

AdsWizz partners with Tapad for smoother digital identity across devices

Tapad, a New York-based global ad tech company specializing in digital identities, is announcing today an agreement with audio ad-tech platform AdsWizz. The deal weds Tapad’s key product — the “Tapad Graph” — into AdsWizz’s programmatic AudioMatic platform. The purpose here is to enable digital audio advertisers to smartly reach consumers across their devices. Continue Reading

Verizon Media integrates with AdsWizz to broaden its programmatic audio inventory

This week Verizon Media held its 2019 NewFront event, spotlighting content and technology innovations. One announcement pertaining to digital audio ad tech is a new affiliation between Verizon Media and AdsWizz. Verizon announced a global integration with AdsWizz, to expand Verizon’s DSP (demand-side platform) audio inventory. Continue Reading

AdsWizz launches advertiser accreditation program for certified digital audio expertise

AdsWizz has unveiled a new program for certifying advertisers’ expertise in digital audio. The Digital Audio Expert Program will test participants on their knowledge of advertising in this format as well as building new skills in audio. OMG Programmatic is the first agency to complete the certification program. Continue Reading

AdsWizz now integrates with Google Display and Video 360

Ad tech company AdsWizz, wholly owned by Pandora, announced new integrations with Google’s Display &Video 360 platform. The deal connects the AudioMax supply side platform, which is used to power Pandora’s programmatic buying solution, and AdWave, a global audio marketplace with more than 3 billion audio ad impressions each month worldwide, to Google’s massive footprint of buy-side users. Continue Reading