Adwizz’s AudioGo launches from public beta, offers easy audio ad buying

We’ve been writing about AudioGo, the audio  advertising buying platform from AdsWizz, for over a year, as  it moved through a public beta. During this  time the service added testing partners including Entravision and Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices. Today the company announces that the service is emerging from beta into a full-on ad-buying service available to all. The platform now has several new features designed to support smaller buyers looking to capitalize on increasing audio consumption. The cost of entry is surprisingly low. Continue Reading


Google advances its programmatic audio buying tools

Google has raised its game in programmatic audio. Google’s broad digital advertising platform, Ad Manager, is getting audio programmatic for the first time. Additionally, Google’s DV360 is enhancing its existing tools. DV360 is the abbreviated brand name of Display & Video 360, formerly called DoubleClick. The systems stumbles over RSS feeds, perhaps slowing adoption ion podcasting, though independent distribution platforms like Spotify and Pandora work fine. Continue Reading


SiriusXM: Streaming, acquisitions, and the uncertainty of podcasting

In its recent Q2 earnings call, Sirius XM discussed streaming, its multiple acquisitions, and podcasting in some detail. Remarks about podcasting are quite interesting, somewhat shading the industry as young and largely immature, while evangelizing the production and marketing power of SiriusXM. Click through for many quotes. Continue Reading


SiriusXM buys Simplecast, pairs it with AdsWizz and connects it to Pandora

SiriusXM is hitting the nets this morning with a smart acquisition. The satellite radio and digital audio holding company is buying podcast host Simplecast. That’s the short story. The bigger picture is a full-on podcast distribution and monetization system for podcast creators at all levels. Continue Reading


AdsWizz adds Dynamic Creative Optimization to its digital audio ad platforms

Tech company AdsWizz is announcing a new layer to its AudioMatic and AudioServe digital audio advertising platforms. Called Dynamic Creative Optimization, it allows advertisers to use targeting data to generate over 10-million (that’s not a typo; ten million) ad creative variations which personalize advertising to listeners. Click for details. Continue Reading


Podcast advertising reportedly takes a hit as coronavirus forces businesses to cut costs

Ad Age interviewed several executives about how podcast advertising is changing along with listening in the coronavirus pandemic. Not only are many businesses cutting the ad budget due to shut-downs and stay-at-home orders, but many of those that are still running ads don’t want to be linked with discussions of the pandemic. Continue Reading


AdsWizz AudioGO bolstered with new publisher and advertiser support

We last heard about AudioGO, a self-serve digital audio ad-buying platform for small businesses, last May when the company offered an update of its $250-minimum ad buying operation. Today, AdsWizz is announcing two agreements — with Entravision and Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices — that bolster the platforms’ recognition and effectiveness. Continue Reading


AdsWizz launches new PodScribe tool for contextual ad targeting in podcasts

AdsWizz, a specialist in digital audio advertising technology, announced a new feature called PodScribe that offers scalable, contextual ad targeting in podcasts. PodScribe is built on advanced speech-to-text transcription technology, which lets advertisers target by the keywords, concepts, topics, and interests that appear in a show. Continue Reading