AdsWizz launches new podcast ad effectiveness features

In a burst of platform development, ad-tech company AdsWizz has introduced seven new targeting and advertising efficacy features. The company is positioning the new features as helpful to both publishers (the sell  side) and advertisers (the buy side). 

Leading the list is a new solution to the ageless issue of advertisers feeling safe in an unpredictable media category. AdsWizz calls it Third-Party Verified Brand Safety. It works through a partnership with comScore, and AdsWizz says it is a “first to  market” solution for fearful advertisers approaching podcast marketing.

Another new offering allows brands to sponsor an entire podcast, one episode, or a collection of episodes. “Ad Sequencing” gives advertisers an opportunity to tell a sequential story with multiple ads within a podcast.

Here is the entire new feature set as described by AdsWizz:

  • Third-Party Verified Brand Safety — a first-to-market solution that gives publishers and advertisers a way to confidently buy and sell brand safe inventory (via Comscore partnership.)
  • Contextual Targeting – Through granular content analysis, the contextual targeting feature taps into multiple sources of content segments to include or exclude in targeting strategies.
  • Consumption Type Targeting – When managing campaigns, podcast consumption type targeting lets users select between streamed or downloaded podcasts.
  • Podcast Sponsorship – Publishers can provide advertisers with the opportunity to sponsor an entire podcast, an episode of that podcast, or a set of episodes.
  • Ad Sequencing – Allows a richer story to be told through multiple ads in a pre-defined order, regardless of format – streamed or downloaded.
  • Frequency Capping – Frequency capping helps maintain a positive listening experience and prevents overexposure to the same ad.
  • Automated Host-Read Ads – Automated host-read ads allow users to swap out ads in a timely manner, target and reach different audiences at the same time, and buy/sell in real-time on programmatic platforms – all while maintaining the trusted host-read format.

A statement from the company says: “For publishers, these tools provide a more efficient way to package podcast inventory and greatly enhance the listener experience. For advertisers, these tools bring flexibility and granular targeting to better reach their target listeners in unique ways.”

See the AdsWizz blog announcement HERE.


Brad Hill