AdsWizz earns Digiday Award for “Most Innovative Technology Platform”

Audio ad-tech company AdsWizz has won a Digiday Award as the “Most Innovative Technology Platform.”

That specific program being awarded is Dynamic Creative Optimization, which enables marketers to dynamically generate 10-million unique audio creative ad variations. Automating that ability enables advertisers to target granular user groups according to how they are represented in the datasets of large audio publishers. The platform is built for advertisers of all sizes, and is intended to democratize the process of making an audio marketing campaign.

“Many small business customers are ready and eager to advertise on audio, but haven’t thrown the switch because they don’t meet the minimums of large publishers, don’t have an audio ad and don’t know how to make one,” Digiday says in the Insights section of its Awards program. “The growing suite of AdsWizz advertising solutions democratizes access to advertising for businesses of all sizes.”

Brad Hill