AdsWizz adds Dynamic Creative Optimization to its digital audio ad platforms

Tech company AdsWizz is announcing a new layer to its AudioMatic and AudioServe digital audio advertising platforms. Called Dynamic Creative Optimization, it allows advertisers to use targeting data to generate over 10-million (that’s not a typo; ten million) ad creative variations which personalize advertising to listeners. In this scheme, advertisers get campaign creation, delivery, and reporting all in one place.

The data points which drive advertisement variations include location, time of day, weather, device type, (i.e. mobile, tablet, gaming, smart speakers), gender, age, behavioral segments, points of interest, music genres, and more. All this is done in real time, so the variations are also manufactured on the fly. The idea is to catch the listeners’ interest, attention, action, and/or brand memory with ads that connect with each listener’s reality in the moment of delivery. AdsWizz claims that this product (abbreviated as DCO) is the first integration of its features on one platform. “While other solutions on the market today may help reduce or eliminate the need to create individual audio ads for different audience segments and contexts, they can be much more cumbersome and time consuming to use,” the company says.

“Audio advertising has the unique power to connect with consumers in a very personal way,” said Alexis van de Wyer, CEO of AdsWizz. “With our new fully integrated DCO solution for audio, AdsWizz enables audio advertisers to deliver truly contextualized messages that speak to audiences in a way that is not only more personal and relevant, but also much more efficient for the advertiser to manage.”

Brad Hill