IFA 2018: Hybrid smart speakers could be the next step for the burgeoning technology

At IFA 2018, a major tech showcase in Europe, smart speakers are decisively moving into the foreground of home electronics. Although many brands are getting into the smart speaker game, a few of the new products announced at the event went a step further and took the Swiss army knife approach, combining smart speaker functions with other home tech. Continue Reading

Smart speakers are still new in Japan, but rising in popularity despite embarrassment

Smart speakers are a newer product segment in Japan, but the devices have gained awareness quickly in that market. Recent data shared by Voicebot from Marketing Research Camp showed that rates of smart speaker ownership among ages 15-69 in Japan rose from 4.5% in late 2017 to 5.7% in February 2018. Continue Reading

Instreamatic.ai shares success from Russian voice-driven ad campaign

Instreamatic.ai announced that it has launched an advertising campaign centered on voice response capabilities in Russia. The campaign, a joint effort with Alfa-Bank and OMD, served users a short audio tease at the launch of a radio stream that ended with a call to action for further information about the product, a debit card. Continue Reading

Amazon and Microsoft offer first preview of Alexa-Cortana integration

Amazon and Microsoft have integrated their digital assistants, which could open up new possibilities for cross-support of features and services outside of whatever hardware brand a user owns. Plans for an integration were announced last year, and the integration is just available as a preview in the U.S. right now. Continue Reading