Acast launches Google Assistant voice app in Swedish

Podcast platform Acast has added a new voice development that hits close to home. The company, headquartered in Stockholm, has launched a new voice app for Google Assistant in Sweden. The voice app, for Android and iOS, will allow listeners to use the Google voice assistant to access Acast content and discover new shows. The initial rollout supports just Swedish, but the company expects to add more languages globally.

“As the popularity of audio on demand continues to grow rapidly – especially in Sweden – the natural goal for us is to ensure that our existing and potential listeners can access their podcasts via Acast as easily as possible,” Acast CEO Ross Adams said. “Our new voice app for the Google Assistant means that listening to new episodes, or finding whole new shows to get into is easier than ever before. We can’t wait to see how it helps improve people’s podcast discovery.”

Anna Washenko