Samsung shares first look at its first smart speaker, the Galaxy Home

Samsung has unveiled its first smart speaker, joining the product segment that has been rapidly growing and bolstering a boom in audio and voice tech. The Samsung Galaxy Home will run the conglomerate’s Bixby voice assistant and will put an emphasis on high-quality audio.

The device debuted at Samsung’s recent Unpacked event in New York, but it was an advanced first look and many details are still scarce. The company did share that the Galaxy Home will allow for seamless playback across Samsung devices, and it will be looped in with the recently announced Spotify partnership. We don’t know if other audio services will be supported on the hardware.

The form factor for the Galaxy Home is a slight departure from the industry standard of pucks and cylinders. Its oblong pear shape with tripod legs makes the Galaxy Home look a bit like a nod to early science fiction spacecraft. Samsung has not set a price point yet or an anticipated date for the speaker’s availability.

Anna Washenko