Apple Music’s latest visual album is a full live performance of an opera

Apple Music has long been making video a key component in its strategy, from funding viral music videos to landing exclusive visual albums. Now, the streaming service has a new visual project with a decidedly classic bent. Apple Music collaborated with Deutsche Grammophon to host a performance of Charles Gounod’s opera Roméo et Juliette. The 2008 staging from the Salzburg Festival with tenor Rolando Villazón is now available as a 32-track visual album.

Classical music often faces an uphill battle in the streaming economy. It’s hard for the likes of even familiar names such as Joshua Bell or Itzhak Perlman to compete with pop stars on mainstream platforms. Metadata challenges can also make it difficult for listeners to find the specific recordings or performers they want. Several platforms have emerged attempting to provide classical and opera fans a niche service, but success will require that they spread the word widely enough to build a critical mass of followers and subscribers.

Anna Washenko