shares success from Russian voice-driven ad campaign announced that it has launched an advertising campaign centered on voice response capabilities in Russia. The campaign, a joint effort with Alfa-Bank and OMD, served users a short audio tease at the launch of a radio stream that ended with a call to action for further information about the product, a debit card. The AI replied with more details and opened a target website for users who expressed interest. Those who said they were not interested received a short audio clip with the brand name before returning to their content. The ad was delivered more than 500,000 times and received positive answers from 5.06% of all listeners.

“We are excited about more and more companies joining the global voice-activated advertising market,” CEO Stas Tushinskiy said. “The fundamental improvement of the user ad experience that become possible by using voice-activation is equally important to us as well as the amazing results we delivered for the advertiser.”

In addition to the results from this AI-driven ad push, has also started testing voice-activated advertising for Gazprom-Media Radio. The major Russian radio group will test the technology across all of its radio mobile apps.

Anna Washenko