Wrapify and CBS Radio: Not exactly digital, or streaming, but definitely alternative

CBS is partnering with Wrapify, the San Diego-based startup (founded in 2015) which wraps selected American cars with advertising, and shares revenue with the car owner. think of it as Uber without passengers. CBS Radio will use the alliance to drive revenue in the D.C. Metro market. Continue Reading


CBS wins ruling that remasters of pre-1972 songs can be played without liability

A district court has ruled that remastered songs are not necessarily subject to the same copyright laws as the originals. This development could have a big impact on the ongoing wave of litigation centered on music recorded prior to the adoption of federal copyright laws in 1972. Continue Reading

CBS announces intent to separate from radio, sell or spin off stations

Today’s reach is not necessarily tomorrow’s revenue growth. That seems to be the lesson from Les Moonves, CBS CEO and Chair, following his announcement yesterday that the iconic broadcasting company would exit the radio holding business, selling or spinning off its 117 radio stations which serve 70-million listeners per week. Continue Reading