Wrapify and CBS Radio: Not exactly digital, or streaming, but definitely alternative

wrapify car 638w

A press release from CBS Radio caught our attention — not because it’s about streaming or digital audio. But it is about alternative ad revenue for radio, and there is a digital aspect.

CBS is partnering with Wrapify, the San Diego-based startup (founded in 2015) which wraps selected American cars with advertising, and shares revenue with the car owner. think of it as Uber without passengers. CBS Radio will use the alliance to drive revenue in the D.C. Metro market.

Here’s how it works. Consumers download the Wrapify app, through which they can apply to have their cars wrapped. When accepted, they are matched to a campaign running in their location. Wrapify arranges the car-wrapping, after which the owner is up and running. Drivers must have the Wrapify app running in their cars. The app uses GPS to track the car’s routes, and measures number of impressions based on local traffic patterns at any time of day. With a full-car wrap (partials are available), Wrapify estimates driver earnings of $264-$452 per month.

The advertiser gets out-of-home advertising sharply targeted by geography. Campaigns can be constrained to locales within a city, such as a sports stadium. “The ease, speed, and accuracy of digital advertising, but in a physical form,” touts a promotional video targeted to advertisers.

“This partnership will strengthen our marketing assets in the area by providing our clients with a way to reach more out-of- home consumers. Our clients will literally own the eyes and ears on the road and we will be able to provide them with detailed analytics on how their messages are being seen – an important component that sets this product apart from similar services,” said Steve Swenson, SVP and Market Manager of CBS RADIO Washington, D.C.



Brad Hill