iHeartMedia partners with Veritone’s synthetic voice/translation tech to broaden global podcast reach

In a signal of how well resourced networks can use technology to enlarge their footprints, iHeartMedia is pairing with audio-AI company Veritone to translate and synthetically voice iHeart’s leading podcasts for Spanish-speaking markets. Click for details, and a link to RAIN’s interview with Veriton president Ryan Steelberg. Continue Reading

Veritone launches “Voice-as-a-Service” synthetic speech called MARVEL.ai — we unpack with president Ryan Steelberg

Veritone has launched a new service called MARVEL.ai, a synthetic voice product the company characterizes as a “Voice-as-a-Service” (VaaS) solution for media companies, brands, and celebrities. The product can mimic any person’s voice, given a sufficient sample, then make that synthetic voice say anything, read any script, or speak an entire audio program (such as podcasting) in another language using the original speaker’s voice. Veritone President  Ryan Steelberg agreed to a knowledge-gathering chat, which ended with a compelling use case for podcasting. Continue Reading

Veritone announces new capabilities to its radio advertising analytics and attribution

AI tech provider Veritone is announcing several new capabilities to the analytics and attribution solution used by radio stations. The enhancements are built into the Veritone Discovery and Veritone Attribution products. These applications, part of the aiWARE platform, are used by about 1,500 stations. Click through for details. Continue Reading

Veritone to provide AI-powered advertising insights to Univision

Veritone announced that it has entered an agreement to provide advertising insights to Univision Communications’ nationwide Spanish-language radio network. Univision stations will be able to leverage Veritone’s aiWARE artificial intelligence service to access near real-time insights and advertising performance intelligence. Continue Reading