Veritone to provide AI-powered advertising insights to Univision

Veritone announced that it has entered an agreement to provide advertising insights to Univision Communications’ nationwide Spanish-language radio network. Univision stations will be able to leverage Veritone’s aiWARE artificial intelligence service to access near real-time insights and advertising performance intelligence. The aiWARE platform will provide Univision’s local media sales teams, national representation partners, and network sales team with data about the performance of traditional and endorsement-based campaigns. It will also deliver searchable, transcribed archives of radio broadcasts.

Veritone has served radio with a core cognitive media technology which ingests audio, building near real-time databases that can be subjected to natural language processing, speech recognition, and tonal analysis. the idea is to turn that data into actionable intelligence that can verify and optimize the advertising business of radio. The aiWARE platform which Univision has bought into is an artificial intelligence platform which can translate massive data collections into usable intelligence.

“With our proprietary, AI-based platform, broadcasters like Univision are now able to provide their advertising customers new campaign verification capabilities and insights similar to those delivered by competing digital platform alternatives,” Veritone President and Co-Founder Ryan Steelberg said. “We are excited for Univision to leverage the power of our aiWARE platform to provide added value around multi-language audio transcription, tracking, measurement, and verification for its radio advertisers.”

“We’re very excited to collaborate with the Veritone team to help us deliver deeper insights and analytics to our brand partners,” said Dominic Fails, senior vice president of local media sales at Univision. “Univision remains the #1 media company to reach Hispanic consumers, and Veritone enables us to provide more actionable insights around spot-based radio campaigns as well as efficiently measure our new and innovative native campaigns.”

RAIN News Staff