Veritone aligns its AI tech with IAB podcast categories for improved ad targeting

Audio tech company Veritone is announcing a change to its aiWARE product, expanding its podcast classification system to align with IAB’s category map. According to Veritone’s promotion, this change further automates podcast content tagging and metadata assignment. that, in turn, makes podcasts easier to sell to advertisers, and more likely to carry relevant ads.

This graphic helps clarify how this announcement works:

Here is more explanation: “Until now, tagging of media such as podcasts with contextual metadata has been a labor-intensive and time-consuming manual process, and has largely been limited to program descriptions at the show and episode level, limiting a publisher’s or advertiser’s ability to find specific types of content for advertisement placement consideration […] Veritone aiWARE’s new content classification capability removes these hurdles through comprehensive and automated topic analysis, extraction, and time coded tagging of the podcast with the applicable content category codes from the IAB Tech Lab Content Taxonomy.”

In broad strokes, making classification systems aligned helps everyone in the podcast business ecosystem understand what a podcast episode is about, and how advertisers can productively make buying choices. Veritone is in the audio AI business, creating automated transcripts and topical classifications.

Brad Hill