Veritone steps into streaming with TuneIn partnership

veritone and tunein 500w

Veritone, the artificial intelligence platform with a focus on audio, is announcing today an agreement with streaming giant TuneIn. TuneIn will use Veritone’s Cognitive Media Platform (CMP) to capture, archive, and analyze its sports, news, and talk programming.

Veritone’s CMP is unique in the audio market, using cognitive computing to intelligently preserve audio (and video) content and make it searchable by keyword, all in near-realtime. For radio, this platform can analyze and store every word spoken into a microphone, offering verification of brand mentions, for example, and native advertising spoken content, verifying advertiser agreements that would be otherwise difficult to do, and potentially unlocking new value.

For radio, the archiving also opens the door to repurposing on-the-air segments and smartly redistributing them.

With the TuneIn deal, Veritone steps into streaming audio for the first time. Previous radio deals include Westwood One and Beasley. Much of Veritone’s business is applied to private communications in the political, legal, and law enforcement markets.

TuneIn’s listening portfolio is vast, comprising 100,000 live radio stations and 5.7-million on-demand programs such as podcasts and audio books. The company has developed multitudes of business deals for specialized content, notably with sports affiliations around the world. Additionally, TuneIn has created original programming, again in the sports arena, such as MLB on TuneIn Live and NFL No Huddle. The company says that Veritone’s platform will grow awareness of the original shows.

“Veritone’s platform is revolutionary for us. It offers a more efficient way to store, utilize and share our content on a larger scale, which will allow us to better meet the needs of our customers,” noted Andrew Brock, TuneIn’s Director of Content Operations.

For Veritone, the deal breaks new ground as well. “Our partnership with TuneIn is significant and groundbreaking for us, as it marks our first streaming customer,” said Ryan Steelberg, President.

Brad Hill