Ezra Kucharz leaving CBS Radio

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Ezra Kucharz

Ezra Kucharz, President of CBS Local Digital Media, is leaving his CBS position, and will take on a consulting role as Special Advisor to the CEO of CBS. Kucharz made an informal announcement of his move in a LinkedIn note:

“Yes it’s true, after 6+ incredible years at CBS Local I am transitioning into role of Special Adviser to the CEO of CBS. I love this place and team, but I do believe that the time has come for me to explore my next chapter. I’m excited that I will have the opportunity to pursue my other interests while still being a part of the company. CBS is an amazing and special place, and it’s been a privilege to work with the team there. I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished.”

In a Monday note to his staff, forwarded to RAIN News by the Communications office of CBS Radio, Kucharz said, “I remain as bullish as ever about the digital business at CBS.”

“Six plus years ago we launched a business that unified the radio and television stations digital businesses of a major media company.  At first, many thought it couldn’t be done. Since then, we have proven the skeptics wrong. We have led the local broadcast industry into a new era, one where digital has become a major and important part of everyday business life. Our activities are now often copied by many of our peers in the industry.”

On March 16 CBS head Les Moonves announced the company’s intent to let go of its radio division, either by selling stations or spinning off the unit as a whole.

A major moment for Kucharz was the January 2015 launch of Play.it, an on-demand audio portal for podcasts produced internally, and also external shows.

RAIN News has also learned that Karen Mateo, SVP of Communications at CBS Radio, is also leaving the company after next week. Mateo has been in her role for five years, and has been with CBS in several capacities since 1994.

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