Download on Podcasting report: Measurement and podcasting’s long tail

A new report has been issued by The Download on Podcasting, the ongoing collaborative study of on-demand audio from DMR Interactive and the Digital Media Research and Development Lab at Texas A&M University. In discussing audience measurement the paper spotlights Nielsen’s technology and compares podcasting to craft beer. Continue Reading


Panoply leverages Nielsen data management for targeted podcast advertising

In a sign of podcasting’s evolution from cottage industry to a maturing advertising category, Nielsen has announced an agreement with Slate-owned Panoply’s Megaphone hosting platform. The venture hopes to meet advertiser demand for audience targeting of podcast commercials and sponsorship messages. Continue Reading


Nielsen Q4 comparable metrics show smartphones’ growing share

Nielsen’s Q4 2016 comparable metrics report continued the upward trajectory for smartphone use seen in its Q3 results. Radio, on the other hand, stayed essentially flat within the U.S. media consumption landscape. Weekly reach for radio has stayed around 93% for several quarters, and radio is used an average of 5.1 days per week. Smartphones are used even more frequently at an average of 5.8 days per week. Continue Reading


Nielsen Total Audience Report contrasts radio and TV for news consumption

Nielsen’s Total Audience Report for Q4 2016 placed a focus on news. The results showed how much of a role radio plays in news consumption for U.S. adults. The weekly gross amount news consumption on radio in PPM markets rose from 10.5 billion minutes in 2015 to 11.5 billion minutes in 2016. However, radio did top the share of weekly listening in 2016 among U.S. adults. Continue Reading