Nielsen 2016 report: “Music consumption is at an all-time high”

“Music consumption is at an all-time high,” according to Nielsen Music’s 2016 U.S. Year-End Report. The analysis reveals that 2016 was another year with strong streaming growth and some compelling trends for albums. The entire music industry posted a 3.1% increase in overall volume, with total album consumption reaching 560.7 million units. Continue Reading


Nielsen brings Music Connect to Canada; will it shake up radio?

Nielsen has launched its Music Connect data product in Canada. This rollout offers clients more in-depth listener data, including for streaming and broadcasting. It covers 72 metropolitan areas across Canada, and has analytics including airplay, sales, and social media activity. According to Canadian music industry specialist Alan Cross, it could “shake up” what listeners hear on Canadian Radio. Continue Reading


Nielsen 360 report examines concert behaviors and data

Nielsen’s latest data is a Live Event 360 report, which analyzes fan behavior around concerts. People who attended at least one concert or festival in the past year spent 60% of their average annual music budget on attending those performances. Although the Nielsen report is focused on finding brand and marketing opportunities around live shows, there’s also an intriguing perspective for digital music platforms. Continue Reading


Radio listening inches up, smartphone audio skyrockets in Nielsen Q1

Nielsen has released its comparable metrics report for the first quarter of 2016. The data revealed growth for most forms of both radio and streaming, although the rates of increase varied by platform and age. Weekly reach for radio remains unchanged from the previous quarter, with 93% of adults listening each week. Smartphone audio and video posted notable spikes in audience size and time listening. Continue Reading