Amazon Music Unlimited launches: An on-demand subscription showcasing Echo

Amazon has launched its new streaming music program. Carrying the name of Amazon Music Unlimited, the new service is muscling into the crowded territory with a unique integration with its existing home technology. The company was expected to have some interesting ties to its Amazon Echo voice-activated wireless speaker and it has delivered on that front. Continue Reading


Sonos adds voice-control from Amazon’s Alexa

Sonos announced that it is adding some third-party app integrations to its wireless speaker products. Most intriguingly, one of the first partnerships for app support is with Amazon. People who have both Sonos speakers and one of Amazon’s Alexa-enabled devices – the Echo or Echo Dot – can now use the Amazon voice-controlled product to operate their Sonos system. Continue Reading


Amazon planning two music streaming services (with one at half-price)

Amazon has been showing interest in launching a standalone streaming music service for months, but according to the latest reports, the tech giant won’t be happy with just one. Amazon appears to be considering two services: one that would match the industry standard of unlimited on-demand access for $10 a month; the other would be half the price and would only work on the company’s Echo home speaker hardware. Continue Reading


Cowen: Spotify leads a streaming industry on the rise, but watch out for Prime Music

New research from Cowen explores the current state of the streaming music industry and gave forecasts for its future. Spotify and Amazon emerged as two of the top brands to watch. The data predicted a compound annual growth rate of 4% for the 2016-2021 period, with on-demand music services expected to double revenue and secure a 40% share of the industry by 2021. Continue Reading