Acast places entire podcast ad inventory in Strata, a leading media campaign platform

In a startling announcement, which in hindsight seems inevitable, leading media campaign planning and buying platform Strata has accepted the entire inventory of podcast company Acast. Acast’s portfolio of 20,000+ podcasts will be exposed to agencies and advertisers engaged in all kinds of media marketing. This deal will be seen in a future rear-view mirror as breakthrough. Continue Reading

STRATA Q1 sees growing interest in programmatic, streaming audio

First quarter results for Strata’s regular Advertising Agency Survey revealed a growing focus on programmatic exchanges and increased interest in streaming audio platforms. “Digital publishers keep on getting better at providing more advertising opportunities to ad buyers,” Strata Director J.D. Miller said. Continue Reading

Triton Local Network now in STRATA for easier buying of streaming advertising

Triton Digital has announced that the Triton Local Network (TLN) is integrated in the STRATA media buying platform. The integration allows advertisers and agencies to view audience metrics in local markets, and plan campaigns within and across markets, with geographic and demographic targeting. Continue Reading


Agency buyers prioritize streaming radio in Strata Q2 survey

Media buying software company Strata released the Q2 edition of its quarterly agency survey (infographic here), revealing a growing interest in audio advertising, fueled by streaming at the expense of traditional radio. At the same time, participating agencies emphasize mixed media campaign planning, and slowly increased adoption of programmatic buying. Continue Reading

STRATA re-positions Pandora in its media buying platform

STRATA, a media buying platform that connects advertisers with media publishers, has re-positioned Pandora’s ratings profile on its dashboard, separating it from radio stations, according to Inside Radio and RAIN News sources. The action represents the latest twist in a long path of Pandora competing against U.S. broadcast radio for advertising dollars. RAIN spoke to several sources for comment. Continue Reading

Survey: Big jump in online radio & streaming video advertising

A new buy-side survey from STRATA indicates that advertising demand for online radio advertising increased 53% from a year ago. During the same time frame, there is a 45% increase of interest in streaming video. Sixty-seven percent of ad agencies polled said the greatest interest among client advertisers was video. Continue Reading