Jennifer Lane: Selling Mobile Audio

by Jennifer Lane

Latest research released by Juniper Research projects that annual global advertising spend on mobile devices is expected to reach $105 billion by 2019, up from an estimated $51 billion this year. Advertisers, drawn to the personalized and timely targetability that advertising on mobile devices offers, will drive spending on those devices to 44 per cent of total digital ad spend by 2019. RAIN CEO Jennifer Lane suggests a reinvention. Continue Reading

Online Audio On Stage At Advertising Week

It’s Advertising Week in New York this week. Jennifer Lane was there, and attended a panel sponsored by XAPP Media featuring a discussion of online audio ad campaigns. Bryan Moffett of NPR, Brian Benedik of Spotify, and Cathy Csukas of AdLarge talked about the push to offer innovative opportunities to advertisers. Continue Reading

Streaming’s Share of Ear in U.S., U.K. Are Similar

Recent info from Edison Research’s Share of Ear study puts listening to Internet radio/Music in the US, among persons 12+ at 11.6% of overall listening to all legitimate sources of audio. Right around the same time we were discussing this study at RAIN Summit Indy, similar information was being presented at the conference hosted by RAIN friends James Cridland and Matt Deegan. RAIN will be examining the online audio marketplace in the UK and across Europe in November at RAIN Summit Europe which will take place in London on November 4th. Continue Reading

A Smart Approach to Revenue Growth

by Jennifer Lane

RAIN CEO Jennifer lane looks at SmartReach Digital, a full-service digital agency formed by Entercom, one of the largest broadcasters in the U.S., and staffed with a team of experienced digital marketers. The idea is new and innovative to radio, but one that has taken hold with newspapers, tv, and other locally driven media outlets. Continue Reading

Potluck Dinners, Knees, and Targeted Ads

by Jennifer Lane

At a recent neighborhood potluck someone asked me about my business. As usual, once I started talking about online audio, everyone at the table identified with Pandora. After a discussion of the types of stations they like to listen to on Pandora, one person mentioned the problem they’ve been having of hearing the same two ads over and over whenever they listen. Continue Reading

Putting Millennials in the Driver’s Seat

According to a Zipcar study released earlier this year, Millennials — that generational segment born after 1980 or so who are adults now — think that having a smartphone is a lot more important than having a car. Meanwhile, only 16% of persons over 35 would rather do without their phone than their car, and 40% of that age group put the car at the top of things they would not want to do without.

This wide discrepancy in the need to own a car has the auto industry back on its heels. It’s a sea change that has implications for all kinds of other business segments as well – including radio. Guest columnist Jennifer Lane proposes an opportunity for radio to engage with Millennials. Continue Reading

Advantage Amazon

Yesterday Amazon announced a new feature that allows Twitter users to add something to their Amazon shopping cart by replying to a tweet with the hashtag #amazoncart. “Add it now, buy it later” is Amazon’s slogan. In this guest column, Jennifer Lane suggests how radio stations can use this new program to their (and their advertisers’) advantage. Continue Reading